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Give me your dinosaur hybrid creations and I'll draw them on my phone

So yeah I wanted to this also and people do submit your fan made dinosaur hybrids and I’ll draw them

Could this include any creatures currently not in game?

Sure (10 characters)

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the idea of the hybrids, or the creation off of jwa toolbox?

the creation off of JWA Toolbox

Could you please make a hybrid of Sinosauropteryx and Spinosaurus? It would have the Sinosauropteryx base and with the long snout of the Spinosaurus. Thank you!

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I tried to make my original as best as possible

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Darwinotyrannus: Eotyrannus based hybrid with the crest, beak, and winged arms of Darwinopterus.

Sure thing

Nice I am gonna make it now

I look forward to seeing it

Ok here it is I tried to implement the Spinosaur genes with what it already has.


I could try

I’ve changed my mind on using Bistahi. Is that okay with you?

Sure (10 characters)

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