Give more chances for this problem because its unfair


There was a glitch half way when i was collecting dna of the indoraptor. It’s turning black when i was closing to aim for the shot and then just a flash when im near to it. So i basically depend on luck to get atleast some dna.


Wouldn’t matter anyway. You only get 1 chance, the dna gained is super low (unless you’re a super high lvl), and the thing moves so fast, it escapes before the battery runs out. 1 chance to collect 250 dna…yeah, no one’s getting it. Though I do understand why, still kinda sucks.


Happened to me as well the screen kept on glitching out when I would release a dart. Ludia will be hearing from me about it.


Same thing happen to me two difernret locations same result, it runs and starts glitching.


The point is not to gather it all. The point is that almost everybody gets the same glitch with a camera so instead of getting at least 50-60 you get only 20 DNA. And Ludia don’t do anything with this. It’s a real bug so we have to get some compensation for it.


I had this also exactly on this Dino. Never had this kind of glitch. It feels like a moderate so u can’t have to much dna. But overall they need to come with a big and flawless update. Otherwise I’m gone. Did not give lot of money but I paid some of the package and this doesn’t feel right.


I have the vip monthly thing and it glitched on me too I got like 17 dna for indoraptor I am handicapped because of a car accident 2 years ago I play this game with my 5 year old son I can’t walk much because of nerve damage and walk with a cane I don’t drive yet so I asked for a ride just to go to the park with my son to get this tomorrow I will do it again to try and get blue for him he loves both movies btw Ludia please help us!!!


If the game glitches out restart the app before it shows how much dna you’ve collected do you can try again


Wow, thanks a lot but too late for most of us.
I am not suprised for this bug, those data related to Indoraptor didn’t even exist in this game until Wednesday!!

Yes, this creature is urgently added in the game 3 days ago.

But honestly, Ludia didn’t reply any report, even never post an announcement to explain. This let things got worsen.


I was only saying for the I-raptor it wouldn’t matter. Yeah, that glitch does sound bad and something should be done, I agree.