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Give more value to the old dinos ludia!

I get a little sad with the arrival of GEN 2 … many dinos have not yet been introduced in the game like synoceratops and brachiosaurus, which are important dinosaurs from the JP and JW saga …
Many basic dinosaurs do not yet have hybrids such as aerotitan, quetzalcoatlus, gallimimus, pteranodon, ofiacodon, among others.
Gosh, it’s been about 3 or 4 years since the game has been working (I’ve been playing about a year and a half or so) and so far no hybrid of those dinos.
Not to mention the alosaurus one of the most iconic dinosaurs.
And the corithosaurus? I didn’t even remember that he existed, I went to see him today thrown in the corner of my island. Look at the poor guy’s face.

This is the opinion of one of your players, I don’t know if everyone thinks so, but you should focus on the unhybrid dinosaurs as they would bring much more expectations than a GEN2.