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Give PHORUSAURA swap in side-step instead of swap in stun

As title.

If the direction of Phorusaura is a mobile creature that swaps in and swaps out constantly, Swap in side-step makes more sense because it helps cleanse the auto-lock (to which its immune to lock-down cannot apply), giving it the opportunity to instant rampage and directly rampage and run away. Right now it behaves just like any other swap in creatures except Stygidarynx, being locked down for 2 turns without means to run away.

I suggest giving it swap in side-step and replace the normal side-step with acute stun.

That would make it too overpowered, tho not as much as DC. Being able to immediately swap into something else, like DC, after tanking a big hit gives too much unbalance to the game. It currently has sidestep as a move, so it can cleanse and run the next turn if needed. I find Phorusaura works well as is.

I understand your concern but It still has to wait 1 turn before rampage and run because this move has a 1 turn delay.

It just doesn’t feel as mobile as it should be, even with the stress on immune to lock-down (which there are only a few creatures having lock down attacks, let alone those who are in upper arena).

I realize I said rampage and run. I forgot that it was on delay for a moment. I understand where you’re coming from, but this is how I see it happening in the arena.
High level/ boost Phorusaura swaps in and takes only 33% damage from the attack. Assuming that the opponent’s dino is within killing range, instant rampage. Next dino, rampage and run into a DC dealing in excess of 4K+ damage.
I just see that as something very exploitable that will cause more frustration than it’s worth.

Yeah combining with DC that would be horrible and I have thought of that also.

But I’d say DC should be changed anyway, and if swap in rampage is gone, I think it wouldn’t be as oppressive as DC. Not to mention that side-step has 1/3 chance to fail so it actually risks taking a full hit swapping in, unlike DC which deals damage first before even taking a hit.

That wouldn’t work. The auto-lock you’re referring to only kicks in after the swap-in ability has been executed, meaning it would be locked after the cleanse that comes as a part of sidestep.
Sidestep as a swap-in move would also be riskier and less usable than swap-in stun.
Like @Qiew mentioned, Phorusaura can currently swap-in stun>sidestep>rampage and run, which fits it’s role just fine.
Even if there was a way to allow a creature to use it’s swap-in ability and ignore the effects of being locked down, I don’t think the devs would allow it, since even immune creatures like Procerathomimus weren’t given a pass. Phorusaura itself is Immune to swap-prevention, and yet it specifically hasn’t been excepted from this rule.

That’s right. I didn’t think it through.

I have to dig up this post, because the more I think of it, the more illogical it seems to me.

Because as it stands now, those -ceratops with dig-in is a better “mobile swapper” than Phorusaura is.

They have swap in stunning strike, which is a straight up better swap in stun, because it still deals 1X damage if the stun fails.

Nearly all of them have armor and higher health, helping them better survive the swap in if stun fails.

Then, dig-in provides reliable defense + regeneration plus 10% speed boost. It is a much more reliable version of side-step, which basically gambles on evasion, without regeneration. It also cleanses the lock-in from swapping in just like side-step,

They have instant charge. Not only it deals damage but also has a super high chance to stun. Then they can swap out again.

The advantages of Phorusaura has, are much higher damage and speed. But to be honest, without ANY reliable defense mechanics and cleanse to cancel its lock-in, it actually performs better to be a revenge killer after one of your creatures dies. Because then you have a rampage that almost always goes first, and rampage and run that allows it to really run away.

It is just too ironic that the best way to use it, is to not swapping it in. Because right now, swap in stun is not reliable enough to mitigate damage receive; side-step also can’t reduce damage taken reliably; but if you don’t use side-step, you cannot run away with rampage and run. Since instant rampage doesn’t apply distraction for 1 turn, it has no way to reduce damage taken. It has low health. It basically can’t survive most situations when it swaps in.

Maybe consider replacing swap-in stun with swap-in dodge. It is much more reliable in reducing damage. It also only has a 1-turn lock down which can finally make it a mobile swapper, instead of being inferior than most of the ceratops in this regard.

Plus, replace Draco’s sawp-in rampage. It’s about time.

They should give it a better immunity. It has the worst one.

Even if you give it swap in sidestep, it will still be locked, the ability happens before the lockdown, so if you preform a swap in stun, the stun ability will occur first before the bound.

Cleansing Rampage and Run