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Give Pinning Strike back to our superhybrids

One of the problems with regards to Dracocera, as I see it, is that there aren’t many ‘true counters’ to Dracocera. Based on my reading of the threads, most people, both Dracocera defenders and those who dislike Dracocera, seem to be of the opinion that ‘countering’ Dracocera means stopping it from using its SIA more than once (I’d personally call that ‘checking’ Dracocera, not ‘countering’, but to each his/her own).

However, thanks to Regeneration (and the lack of a 1-turn delay on Regeneration), unless faced with a very specific group of creatures, Dracocera can escape, and swap in again to utterly decimate a team.

One way of stopping this is to have creatures with Pinning Strike on your team. Pinning Strike is the only Ability which can reliably stop Dracocera from coming in and out non-stop to shred a team, as the other Lockdown/Immobilize abilities require you to predict the opposing Dracocera’s Regeneration.

Despite this, there are currently (as of update 1.8) only 2 superhybrids with Pinning Strike (Gigaspika and Pterovexus). Given how big of a threat Dracocera is, that’s not nearly enough. There are actually quite a few superhybrids who could easily get Pinning Strike through their lineages, including:

  • Dioraja - does it really need Superiority Strike? Personally, I’ve found that while it can help in a few matchups (Utarinex, Dilorach if the opponent uses Distracting Strike, maybe Erlikospyx), it doesn’t help much in most situations since Dioraja’s main damage output comes from its counter (thanks to it being a Precise Shattering counter). I honestly don’t think it’d be a massive loss if Dioraja got Pinning Strike back over Superiority Strike to help deal with Dracocera.

  • Ardentismaxima - honestly, given that it has Decelerating Impact, Decelerating Strike is more or less a useless ability (given the short cooldown on Decelerating Impact). It could inherit Pinning Strike from Argentino, making it a decent Dracocera counter (it’d probably need a health and damage buff to fulfill its full potential though)

  • Grypolyth (?) - I was quite surprised that Grypolyth didn’t get Pinning Strike given how Lythronax has Pinning Strike, and Lockdown abilities are a hallmark of the crocodile family. I’m not too sure on the utility of Defense Shattering Strike, given that it already has a Rending counter-attack, so changing it to Pinning probably wouldn’t be too much of a loss. That said, Grypolyth does already have Immobilize, so it might not be entirely eligible for another Pinning ability. If it did get Pinning Strike though, it would be one of the better Dracocera killers, using its bulk, Armour and Regeneration to remove opposing Dracoceras whilst minimising damage to itself.

  • Megalosuchus - Another creature that honestly would be a great Dracocera killer if it got Pinning Strike (back). While it isn’t Armoured, it does have a counter attack that could wear down Dracocera, especially if paired with its Ferocious ability. Megalosuch could always swap its Defense Shattering Impact for Definite Impact, so there wouldn’t be any loss there either.

  • Diplovenator’s superhybrid - Yes, I’m being serious XD. Diplovenator really looks like a candidate for a superhybrid which would be designed to bring down the theropods/theropod superhybrids currently making life tough for tanks in the upper arenas. Depending on what it hybridizes with, it could regain Pinning Strike from its Concavenator parent, making it the perfect anti-upper-arena-meta creature.

There are probably more, but those are the ones that came to mind.

What do you guys think? Should more of our superhybrids get Pinning Strike (at least until Dracocera gets nerfed lol)?

  • Yes
  • No

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I clicked on no instead of yes :cry:

Pinning strike is not a great move and it’s use is very situacional for the most part. I agree in the case of Ardentismaxima cause it doesn’t need another slowing move. Megalosuchus would be fine too I guess. I woudn’t want any of the other ones to get pinning strike back just to counter a single dino and become worse in the process, especially dioraja, superiority strike is what makes it so much better after the buff.


SS absolutely works for Dio tho, esp. against Tryko. I wouldn’t want to lose that now that there’s a viable counter to Tryko.


Yes but especially to Ardentismaxima. It’s an immune critter with somewhat high HP that can use instant invincibility to defend against Draco’s rampage or just keep pinning draco to no end lol.

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Pinning Strike RULES!!!

Keep Pinning Strike away from my Meg :triumph:

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Yes, yes it does. You take away Superiority Strike, it instantly falls out of tyrant. It’s super useful, and as a dioraja user, I would hate to see it lose this amazing move for pinning strike, which is all but worthless. What you need to understand is that pinning strike is not a very good move. It’s super situational, and even against DC it’s often a misplay. It can easily outpredict you and stun + regen. The best way to deal with DC is sheer damage. Get yourself a thor or an erlidom and KO it in one hit before it can leave.