Give Spinonyx RTC

So I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has stated this before but…

Where are Baryonyx’s traits in Spinonyx?

I know that the hybrid inherits Baryonyx’s immunity to deceleration, however it is the only trait that it gets from that dinosaur and you can clearly see that Spinonyx’s moveset and stats mainly consist of Spinosaurus’s traits. The hybrid inherits Spino’s Lethal Wound, but Bary’s RTC isn’t part of the moveset. Another aspect which is bothering is the fact that the hybrid has Minor Rending Attack, which makes no sense at all given that neither of the creature’s parents have any rending moves. Instead what I thought would be a good idea was to mix Bary’s DSS and Spino’s Cleansing Strike to give Spinonyx’s access to Cleanse Shattering Strike, similarly to Allosaurus Gen2.

I decided to slightly rework Spino Gen2/Bary Gen2’s moves and stats.

Baryonyx Gen2 Rework:

This rework is just an overall buff, however it is still inferior to its Epic Baryonyx counterpart. I increased the health and damage output, so that it fits in the average medium-carnivore attack stat. Next I raised its speed to 124 in order to match the predecessor’s speed stat. I also lowered it’s vulnerability resistance down to 50%.

Spinosaurus Gen2 Rework:

In this next rework I replaced Spino’s Fierce Impact with a Precise Rampage so that it matches Spinonyx’s Definite Rampage. I also gave it 75% resistance to DOT since its hybrid has that resistance. Finally I raised the speed to 123, not only because it would justify Spinonyx’s 124 speed, but because at the moment Spinosaurus Gen1 (Rare) is possibly better than the epic one.

Here’s my idea for a Spinonyx rework

Here is what I think a good Spinonyx loadout would be like. First of all I raised its attack stat and critical chance to better fit Baryonyx’s side.

Next is the moveset. As I stated earlier, I replaced Minor Rending Attack with Cleansing Shattering Strike, as it combines both of its parents moves perfectly. I kept the Lethal Wound the same so that it doesn’t feel like it’s just another Baryonyx, and replaced the Precise Rampage with Ready To Crush. I also decided to nerf the creature’s ability to nullify dodge and cloak, so that it only bypasses it. Which resulted in a Precise Shattering Rampage. It acts the same way as the Definite Rampage, however it has a cooldown of 1 instead of 2, at the cost of not being able to remove evasive abilities. I kept No Escape and its resistances the same, as they didn’t really need to be changed.


Now, I did in fact consider T-Rex/Indominus fanboys possible opinions, and made it so that it’s still slightly inferior to Indominus.

Demonstration of this:
TURN ONE: Spinonyx and Indominus are in the arena, Spinonyx acts first as he is the faster creature, since Lethal Wound is useless against a creature such as Indominus, Spinonyx will go for the RTC. This will raise Spinonyx’s base attack to 1800 and its critical chance to 40%. The second player can either choose to go for API, which will deal 2400, or Revenge Cloak (either one will earn a victory if it uses APR on the second turn).

TURN TWO: Spinonyx will then have to use the Precise Shattering Rampage in order to deal as much damage as possible, which with its current stats will deal an overall 3600 damage. If this is the case, Indominus will win because his APR will deal an additional 3200 to the previous turn (if he used the API), which will be more than enough to kill the Spinonyx. Alternatively, if in turn one, Indominus used the Cloak, he will deal a total of 6400 damage which, again, is more than enough to kill Spinonyx. However, if Spinonyx gets a critical hit one the second turn, it will deal precisely 4500 damage, which is the exact amount of health Indominus has. This means that Indominus has a 60% chance to beat Spinonyx, which in turn makes Spinonyx slightly inferior.

I decided to make this article to make Spinonyx a better creature for the PvP arena and potentially raids.

Well, there you have it. This is my first ever article, so it may not be the best one out there…

Hopefully Ludia reads this and maybe impacts the game.


i think if you do this for spinonyx, you need to add a hp buff cuz you took a way a rampage. maybe 4500 hp, plus it should be definite, you took definite away from it.

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I suppose a hp buff would counter act the loss of a rampage, but even then the rtc gives it an overall 40% chance to deal 4500 damage, instead of the 4000 split over two rampages. I thought this way would make it more balanced

i mean it basically the same thing, but it would make it much better since spinoyx still isnt that good compared to other dinos

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Yeah, I mean it’s not that I wouldn’t want it to gain a health buff, it’s just that I’d rather not have trex fans have a tantrum over the fact that Spinonyx could be better than Indominus lol… although even with 4.5k hp, the same outcome would come at the end of a fight between them

So we also should buff tryo because he only has 4200 Hp.

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I spent like an hour and a half writing this article lmao, but I’ll definitely do other creatures that need reworking. I already have tons of hybrids reworked, I just need to make articles about them

Bary gen 2 is rather nice, but it really isn’t a nerf for it to have 50% Vulnerable resistance. Its just odd. I like it how you made it though.

Spino Gen 2 is interesting. With both Cleansing and Precise, its now even better against Cunning, which it isn’t supposed to be. Maybe Precise Wound and normal/ Defense Shattering Ramage instead? It would allow Spinonyx to still have Precise, but it just moves over to a different move. Plus, it would make more sense if you have Precise Shattering on Spinonyx for Spino to get Precise Wound and Defense Shattering Rampage.

Now the Big boy himself. With the Minor Rending, the reason was so that it tank busted even better due to it along with lethal wound 2 turn KOing them. With the Cleansing Shattering Strike, although it goes with its parents, it takes away from Spinonyx’s role as the Legendary tank buster, which it excels at. RtC is a nice addition, and with help against targets that are resistant/immune to bleed, like Indominus Rex. The stats are nice, but maybe a bit more HP like what has been suggested since Spinonyx has lost a Rampage.

Just my thoughts.

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I agree that Spinonyx needs more health if it’s losing a rampage. Especially if that rampage is being lost for RTC, which which means you do 0 damage on turn 1.

As has been previously said, Spinonyx is great at its job. A Legendary Tank Buster. Minor Rending Attack makes Lethal Wound a two-hit KO, which is what it’s supposed to do.

Tank busting, I’ve found, is done the best through percentage damage (Rend, bleed) and big attack stats (think Rex or Thor). Spinonyx fits in the first category of what I call “percentage damagers” along with stuff like MarLo, Andrew and Allo G2 (those last two are bit debatable, especially Allo).

Taking away Minor Rending Attack and Precise Rampage (kinda) makes Spinonyx a lot worse at a job that it does well. It doesn’t really need RTC, in fact, I’m glad it doesn’t have it, because things like Bary (both G1 and G2) and the Countervores (Concavenator, Megalosaurus and the like) are kinda trash.

That said I’ve been wanting a Spinonyx health buff for ages so I might take this.


I think that what you’re saying is true, the precise wound seems very effective, and I suppose the rending would make it a better tank buster. I really like the idea, especially since mixing rtc with minor rending would do more than 0.45 of the opponents max hp

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Wothout any resistance to it, it should do around 50% of a creatures health. Plus it would make Spinonyx better for raids too.

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Nah, I’d rather not nerf anything that shouldn’t be.

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What do you think got nerfed? Just asking. To me this is almost a straight buff, but you might see it differently. Just curious.

I disagree with Spinosaurus and Spionyx getting precise attacks. They’re fierce, they shouldn’t be countering dodge users. Spionyx barely gets a pass for that right now because they call it a cunning (even though precise should be more of a resilient ability). But if they’re pure fierce, neither should have that. If Spionyx did lose definite rampage, it could get fierce Rampage instead. Then it can at least rampage somewhat frequently. I also think it should keep minor rending attack.

Tldr, stats look good (Spionyx could use a bit more HP with how low it’s attack is, especially if it loses a rampage), but I wouldn’t change the moves on Bary or Spino at all, and I would give Spionyx RTC and Fierce Rampage.


Yes for RtC on spinonyx


I wouldn’t mind the addition of RtC at the cost of one rampage, but I don’t want to lose minimal rending. That bit would be a downgrade imho.


Here’s the thing

RTC is highly situational, and only rly good against counter attackers and in raids, and for T1 rampage? I’ll pass. It’s fine rn, rating with big, endgame threats like Maxima and Tryko, and even in the legendary meta it’s fine,

TL:DR, it ain’t broke, so don’t fix it


I think it would be better to give Bary G2 Minor Rending Attack so Spinonyx can keep it, and also give Bary G2 swap-in ferocity. Then give Spino G2 Immunity to Deceleration, Fierce Rampage and higher attack damage, and give Spinonyx swap-in Ferocity so that it gets two abilities from Bary, and replace Definite Rampage with Fierce Rampage and Precise Rampage with Ready to Crush or buffed Group Ferocious Strike or something.

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no tryo already counters resilient, cunning and fierce. he should stay the way he is.

nevermind, keep spinonyx without definite, i like my indy being better.

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