Give them stun immunity

Stygidaryx and Entelolania need to be immune to stuns. please give them stun immunity


It could be argued for entelolania but stygi has no escape, so it doesn’t need stun immunity.


I would love this. I use my Entelolania RELIGIOUSLY.


Definitely give it to Stygidaryx

I mean it does come from stygymoloch, a hard headed usually thought of as a “stunner”. I can see that being nice.

But it would be argued agaisnt it’d be a bit too op. Being able to swap in, full invicibility, hit a counter, and either do merciles alert or immediately run with cleansing swoop could be a bit much.

Absolutely agree with this. Entomoth has it, at least give it 67% or 50%. I hate getting a devestastion with persistant strike get totally cancled cause its not even a little resistant to stun

Entelolania approves this message!

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Yes. Now that Albertospinos and Pthops are a thing, it might as well get it

Stun is one of the only things that can regularly stop my Daryx. Giving it stun immunity would probably make it overpowered.

Well maybe like 50% Resistance
Also give it decel immunity

Entelolania would probably be op with stun immunity because when I would face someone with a creature that relies on stun like scorpios gen 3, entelolania would absolutely destroy them if the stun didn’t land.
I think a better buff would be a on escape move, likely a heal like its predecessor entelomoth.