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Give Thorad Pinning Strike


While it wouldn’t come from either of its lineages, it would fit Thorad’s description in-game.
“The long arms of the Thoradolosaur are more functional than the arms of other tyrannosaurids, allowing it to grab hold of its prey using its claws.”
Or, we could always create a new ability that would prevent swap for this turn & next turn instead (Pinning and Lockdown both prevent swap for this turn and next 2 turns).

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probably a “swap-in lockdown”

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WAIT, I have an idea


Yeah! I’m gonna kill this indoraptor with, “swap and lockdown!”
Why did it lock me down?


a unique sauropod hybrid!!!


Swap and such is a lockdown for yourself.
To lockdown the other dino and yourself has no point.

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