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Give Tryko back 4500 health

it’s counters would all still counter it, but it would be left with a bit more health in certain matchups, Tryko just seems a bit frail with his current 4200 health


I have almost all the best uniques max lvl and tryko is without any doubt top 1 or 2.
So no…


I guess magna would stlll beat it but that’s still too much health on something with that much attack that can cleanse distract.

Not unless you get rid of the ability to cleanse distraction from it.

It’s already one of the best in the game.


Even with 4500 health, it could still be countered by


  • Marsupial Lion
  • Gorgosaurus
  • Suchotator


  • Thylacotator
  • Indominus Gen2
  • Secodontosaurus
  • Sarcorixis


  • Alloraptor
  • Spinonyx


  • Magnapyritor
  • Tenontorex
  • Utarinex


  • Mortem Rex
  • Hadros Lux

it now counters the twin towers more effectively as well


We’re losing Alloraptor and gorgo can’t beat it even now.

Yeah, no thanks.

Tryko can literally counter the thing it’s supposed to be countered by, being distraction, and you want to make it even stronger? It’s a top 5 dino already.

So Tryko would basically be able to beat 90% of other uniques? Why would anyone think this is fine and balanced?

Nooo, remove the resilient impact and replace it with slowing impact then i agree with 4500 health


I think Tryko should be more bulky too. It doesn’t have to be 4500 HP, 4400 would suffice(having exactly 4420 allows magna to counter It 100%, a bit more and It needs a crit). Currently Tryko is a bit too frail. I’d very much like to have the Queen back to it’s glory.
But as a compensation i think It needs to lose resilient impact and get slowing impact instead. Resilient impact was never a good idea to begin with.


That’d be great

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It just needs to lose resilient impact, then the HP buff would be ideal. I never liked what they did to her on 2.0 honestly

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Tryko needs to lose its slowing ability. Give it cleansing impact or something that doesn’t decel

You know ,if you remove the resilient impact for a slowing impact and give her +300hp,it is a HUGE NERF? :slight_smile:

This is a lvl 29, I think its bulky enough.:woman_shrugging:


It makes tryko easier to counter, which is kind of important rn

Until Tryko has Resilient Impact, don’t need health buff. Actually, if Tryko should have 4500 health, Tenrex should have at least 4800 if not 5000 hp. Tenrex still gets two shotted by many things.

It’s got maxed boosts on HP, it’s no wonder It looks bulky. But when It used to have 4500 HP people max boosted it’s HP as well and it was probably the most balanced creature in this game. Although the boosts don’t matter here, If you get a max boosted on damage speedster It will show how frail It is regardless. Anything with 1500 damage can potentially 2 shot It with 2 rampages without any shattering abilities. I’m not saying Tryko is objectively unbalanced like this, but I’m disappointed in the direction it was changed. For me personally, the 2.0 change and subsequent removal of medium resilient counter ruined Tryko. The counter was such a cool ability for It and gave It a lot of utility, then they went and removed the only good change they made for Tryko on 2.1. I’d much rather have the bulkier Tryko back and replace resilient impact for slowing impact. Even better If It gets medium resilient counter back, the counter was never what made It broken, It was the ability to cleanse distraction.

Is it really though? I’d prefer to have bulky Tryko back, It won’t be a nerf If some tweaks are done to compensate. I personally don’t think Tryko should be cleansing distraction.
If i could rework Tryko this would be It:
4420 HP
1600 damage
30% armor
20% crit
108 speed

Fierce strike
Slowing impact
DSR/fierce rampage
Instant invincibility taunt

Medium resilient counter

This rework gives back most of it’s bulk, get it’s swap utility back, but it’s still pretty balanced. It wouldn’t be a nerf, simply a rework. It would get countered by distraction like It was before, but able to take more hits than now. I think it’s pretty reasonable.