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Give up in PVP option?

Would it make sense to have a give up or quit option in pvp?

I try to at least get one attack in, but when I am unable to even move to attack I just wait to die and waste time. No range vs all range and priest.
I did throw a lot of emotes their way. :smile:. I did regen and heal but got injured and one shot…

Just a thought…

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I used to be opposed to the implementation of a PvP ‘withdraw’ option. However, since impervious bots were effectuated with Update 12, I agree 100% with this request.

I agree with adding that button.

Separately… You may want to consider the common auto restore item on Tommus to reduce the effectiveness of an immobile strategy against you.

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Add me to the list of people who would like this.

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Been suggested man y time with no response

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I am pretty sure one of the first posts I ever read in here was suggesting that

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