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Give up tournament and battle


After 2days tournament battles, gave up.
My Indominus -> always not cloaked
Opponent’s Indominus -> always cloaked 100%

My Stegoceraptos -> always not stunned.
Opponent’s Stegoceraptos-> always stunned. Even 10% chance, perfectly stunned.

I changed my team and battled again and again.
Same happened.

Finally give up and cancelled my VIP .

No meaning to upgrade my dinos. Even lower level same dinos, the opponent 's dinos perfectly worked.

If Ludia uses my profile and you meet my team, please enjoy the victory.

Finally, my favourite dino Erliko.Gen.2 was nerfed after the update.

Ludia always do their best to nerf my favourite dinos.

Thanks. Ludia. Great!!! Bye


i would swap the last six and try again😂 i kid…