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Give us 12 to choose from in battle


I wish we could select more dinosaurs for our team!


The issue with selecting an additional 4 is you are going to start adding weaker dinos, and that will mean you need to focus on those on top of the main 8. If I looked at what 4 to add to my team i’m not sure i’d be happy with them as much current team of 8 is much better.

I’d feel like i’d end up diluting my team of 8 by adding 4 more.


In my case I actually have 12 dinosaurs of equal strength just different move sets and it is hard to decide which to use!


I’d like more battle types.

Personally would want a lvl 15 only battle. Be loads of variety because hybrid requirements and coins tend to make me park most Dino’s there.

But actually anything additional and new would be good for me.


I think in battle, like the original pokemon blue, red snd yellow, you should have all 8 dinos but first to 4 wins. That way its not all luck :blush:


A-B-C-D brackets every bracket will have 3 Dinos(total 12),RNG choose one from each bracket to total 4.The Ludia raises coin limit cause we would have to raise 12 Dinos for our team.


nice thought but battle will last more than 10 min