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Give us a way to “release” dragons

Hey! It would be so nice if we could get rid of / release dragons. Now that my team is higher level the fish cost is rather high and 1 stars are not as efficient for leveling. So they either end up taking roster space or depleting my fish stores.

The dragons could be so happy that they bring us 100 fish or so as thanks :wink:


Or you could train a random 2 star dragon for “Train 1 dragon” duty, then keep feeding it these 1star dragons for “level up 10 dragons” duty(don’t have to be unique dragons, you can level up the same dragon), then feed it to your primary dragon for at least 2x value. That’s how I recycle my dragons. Besides, 1stars are best used for leveling the ability of a dragon… assuming it’s below 3star-trained.

P.S.: Just found out that “Complete X battles with 2 Y color dragons” is bugged too, you can do it with only 1 dragon of that color.