Give us one last boost reshuffle

To be fare we all need it, the reshuffle is so needed especially for people that dont have so many boosts, i have a full team ready but cant use it due to my boosts from pre 2.11 still being on the previous team. Please for 2.14 make one more reshuffle even though you have said that we wont get one. one more thing, how much will the reshuffle tokens be worth? how many will you be able to store etc.?


I agree when they changed the boost system, we had a boost reset. Here they are going to change the boost system again, and have nerfed an entire class more than 6 months ago. There should have been a boost reset a long time ago. Don’t count on it though. Milking the P2L crew one more time.


I strongly agree with this…


I expect they will give us a few free boost tokens. I’ll wait and see how many before I complain. :wink:


Expect to get disappointed :wink:

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The higher ups: We. Don’t. Care. Google is shutting down map support in less than a year so gotta milk the whale before she goes extinct :rofl:




I feel bad for the guy tbh. He keeps tanking the pains of the playerbase for years now :joy:


thank you. feel a lot better now seeing that i live on the second floor of our house…

I 100% agree - in fact, even with the tokens being added, I really feel that this game needs boost shuffles periodically as well, simply becuase meta changes very quickly, and the power creep is very real due to how quickly stronger and better creatures are released.


While that may be so… Pokemon Go hasn’t used Google maps in years and has done decently well. There are options.

Follow the topic:

The question here is will the game survive when the time comes?

Personally more specifically on the devs having to probably do some work on the code to adapt to the new “map” because; 1. This game doesn’t have the best relationship with Google services and 2. We have things like Lux’s hitbox being broken for almost 3 weeks now


The issue is that ludia did give us a shuffle and then within a few weeks they changed the whole resilient class removing the slowing ability and stuff. Had everyone known that, they probably would have re-boosted differently. Ludia should have given that last shuffle AFTER the resilient change, not right before.


Just complain. You won’t be wrong.

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nice joke

Yeah I think we should get boost reshuffles at least every other major update considering how much Ludia LOVES to change the meta.

I think we should have at least one more boost reset/reshuffle in February before they introduce those tokens in March, once those tokens are released I don’t mind not seeing another reset/reshuffle ever again.
(Edit: Oh look, it’s my anniversary! Happy cakeday to myself!)

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What will the tokens do?

I never heard about the tokens