Give us Sinoceratops back

I know all of us are missing our Green chubby dino. It doesn’t even spawn and the only way to get it was from raids or by collecting it’s DNA from Sanctuaries. That’s why bring it back in the next update. We don’t want the Postimetrodon,we want the Sinoceratops.

If you guys are with me then upvote this and also let me know what y’all think about this topic in the comments.


I just don’t know why they’re replacing any raids when they have three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) that don’t have any raids besides the Apexes.


Do you seriously want Ludia to keep the same raid bosses and add in raids during the tournaments? I’m happy they’re changing old raid bosses to new ones, especially since the majority of the new 2.10 creatures being raid bosses, especially Phorurex and Andrewtops because they have exclusive components and their components are great for tourneys. We obviously want something new from time to time, and are you really going to play Sinoceratops raids when you have itself and all it’s hybrids maxed with a ton of DNA left to spare?
Also a no to adding more weekend raids because they take away time for the tournament.


They do need to change the raids up to keep things fresh, but there’s no need for that when they still have lots of open raid spots. I personally won’t miss Sinoceratops, but with Mammoth for example they could have kept that (since it now has three lines of hybrids, we need that DNA even more than Sino). I know weekend raids are controversial, but isn’t it better to move a raid to the weekend for people who want it than to remove it from the game entirely?

Any raid is a choice, and everyone has limited time, so just do which ones you want no matter the day. Plus most people have work or school during the week - shouldn’t many of us have more time on the weekend? Are all of you seriously just grinding the tournaments for hours upon hours on end?


Yes!! I hope they bring back sino! One of the most useful raids!!!

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Yes! Although posti is good for tryos


Yes, especially skill tournaments require lots of grinding. Sometimes need 20 hours of battling over weekend, to finish top 100 in tournament.

No time for raids over weekend. I’m fine with swapping raids from time to time. Personally will need to do more raids after update. Dont need Sino and Posti though.

Wow. I just don’t have time for that. It’s nuts for any game, especially a “casual” game like this, to expect so much from it’s players.

Maybe they could put the less popular raids on the weekends? They’d still be there if you wanted them, but less pressure to do them.


Yah. I tying to level him up for Apex raids.

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I actuary don´t mind with they change but the croc i going to get but i have 118 dna from him so its good,

It’s in local 1


For god sake, A BIG NO

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Then don’t do em if you don’t want to, simple as that. Still beats not having acess to the raid at all. Seriously, does everyone forget that raids are voluntary?

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How do I identify my local ? What’s my local ?

This should be a good start and explains it pretty well :slightly_smiling_face:

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