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Give us the hard cash back

Seriously. The new boost system passage was done without giving players who invested a lot (of time, resources or both) a chance to have their dinos back to where they were.

If we knew this in advance, we’d have spent our money on something else. I’m not asking to give us the real money back, but to make things right and roll them back as you did the other two times you messed up, giving us the hard cash we invested on the boosts and allow us to eventually buy something back if we want it (I don’t, but still).

If you disagree, please go to a restaurant, order a steak, pay for a steak in advance, and then enjoy your beans. Wouldn’t you be pissed?


Yep. I completely agree.
This is the only issue I have with this whole ordeal.


This. I absolutely want my hardcash back. I’m a relatively new player, with high teen level dinos. The old boost system let me compete in the mid tier arenas. Now, after spending a chunk of Hard Cash, I can only boost 3 times on each stat, where before I had a few boosts on most of my team.

To make this clear, I want my HC I spent on boost purchases returned. This or I chargeback for all that HC I bought. Your choice Ludia.


I deleted immediately my VIP.