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Give us two days to dart the 12 epics on the 3rd anniversary week please!

Like the title says basically. Why oh why are only getting a singular day for darting 12 epics next friday whilst ONE attempt on both the legendaries and uniques have a day by themselves…??

Why do we have two days for 18 attempts on commons (pretty meh commons as well) but only one day for 12 epic attempts. And there are 4 different epics, which means that it’ll be A LOT harder to find the ONE epic you’re looking to dart (the dodo of course… duh).

Not to mention that it’s on a friday, when most people have jobs or school to attend, we can’t run around all day looking for dodo’s to dart.

How it is now:

My suggestion:
Common, 18 attempts - Monday
Rare, 24 attempts - Tuesday-Wednesday
Epic, 12 attempts - Thursday-Friday
etc etc

I hope that a lot of players would agree that changing it to this, would make it a lot easier to find time to dart the epic’s without stressing too much. Or am I the only one that thinks it’s kind of “absurd” to only have one day for 12 epics (4 to choose from)?

Anyways give your thoughts down below. Also, @Ned can you bring this up with the team?


Thanks for the suggestion, WakaSama! I can definitely share your feedback with our team.


Maybe they could have Friday and Saturday for epics and combine the Legendary’s and Uniques on Sunday?


I wish we had at least 2 attempts on legendary and uniques not just 1


I only just realised how much of an issue this will be for me. Oof.
We’re still in lockdown here.

yeah me too, can’t wait to leave my fate of darting new creatures up to the wonderful RNG gods