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Give Vexus Lethal Swoop in 1.10

We are soooo very close to making Vexus a force to be reckoned with, and sometimes it is. But I still think it needs another push to contend with the big boys, and I think switching swoop for lethal swoop is the best way to do that. Not like it would make it broken or anything.


Agreed, I’d much rather they give vexus a kit rework than a simple buff to it’s stats, like It got this time. If It was up to me It would have: evasive strike, distracting impact, definitive impact and lethal swoop. Granted the stats remained the same as now.

I suppose it would make sense to give Lethal swoop to a creature that has a distracting move, so the next dino doesn’t take too much damage.


Well, in a world where more than half of the Tyrant are immune, bleeding people will have a hard time finding a place.