Give VIP a pack of scents every month


A pack of scents = 1 epic + 1 rare + 1 common

It’s okay if u remove the Epic Incubator perk for this.

VIP Cancelled, simply not worth it

I would definitely prefer getting a scent capsule pack like that one a month rather than a one time epic incubator that gives me Gryposuchu and Spinoraptor Gen 2


I’m normally fine with pay 2 win items. But I think scents are worse than incubators. They distract from fixing spawning which is clearly broken. Scents only spawn the dino’s that should be spawning anyway. Rares should spawn about 1 every 20 minutes anyway.

Game currently has two situations enough spawns to play and not enough. It’s completely random which we encounter. The game decides when I play not me.

When I walk I often don’t see local commons. 3 global commons on the screen. Something isn’t working. VIP is for a month of playing not 40 minutes. The fact people are asking for basic spawning rares by paying makes it less likely spawns and Nests will get developer time.


Ludia gonna release new scents which is basically ‘nest’.

This is just a reasonable(at least I think so) suggestion to make VIP more appealing.


Can you explain how certain commercial buildings spawning dino’s for everyone will be substituted by a scent? I’m confused what they are planning.

Also I’m not blaming your suggestion. I understand causality. Spawns are already bad you aren’t going to break anything that’s already broken. However very few people will play a Dino catching game with nothing to catch most of the day. Your suggestion won’t fix the core issue. Scents create 1 rare every 20 minutes guaranteed and that should be true without scent.


I can imagine rare and epic scents actually getting a % nerf or a price increase. Been testing epic scents for isolated target farming zone 1. Kento, sino, mega, dilo with some rex is pretty good farming. Minimal on epic scent for epic finds been 3 with the maximum of 8 epics in one scent. It’s a costly method but by far the most progressive farming method there is right now, but costly. As of wild farming I normally stick to the heart of my city’s around me. Routing around huge store parking lots, work industry locations etc. anywhere that you can imagine would drAw out high cellular activity. I use to farm residential when I was new but leaned away from doing so unless I’m scenting. Spawns ain’t to bad for normal farming but sadly walking ain’t going give you the maximum benefit of culminating as much dna as driving and pulling over. Side note if you do use scents always stay at a speed that will drop two spawns at once every two min to increase your % of obtaining rares or epics from your scents.


This is true thanks. Fact is I just want to encourage myself to walk. Its quite a deal walking for 2 hours. It feels like you should see more well see a Dino from the area unlike now.

Ludia may be happy to lose walkers. Which is fair. I guess if you pay for gas you see ingame items as saving you money. I don’t expect VIP or free play to make me a winner. But give me enough to do which it fails completely at.


If you would like sticking to a walking method may suggest to drive to populated area of were you live and park then walk from there. Walking i recommend staying completely out of residential. Some will have good stops but you won’t have that crazy proximity trigger spawn you get like from inner city’s and other populated areas and what not. Just a suggestion none the less.


Perhaps I want too much to change. I kind of live exactly where you want me to drive to. I know most people have worse dino’s which I mostly got when not walking.

Hopefully someone designs a more neutral spawning regime. I was raised in the country and walking is meant to be in the pretty landscape not grubby pretty high crime rate city pavements.


The game in ways has its spawns like that for a reason. You got games like Pokémon Go in which these things are crawling everywhere but Pokémon lacks that key pvp competitive element so it’s kinda under the criteria of just primarly collecting. If this game had spawns like Pokémon it would just be way to easy to culminate your dinosaur dna to cheese into hefty competitive lvl’s. Keeping spawns like they are entice whales to utilize there money into incubators and what not. This game requires a lot more ground covering and zone awareness then Pokémon. At a price to exchange battle against hard work vs hard work ideally for us farmers.


But I do agree spawns need a slight adjustment. Maybe a decrease in there spawn timers to rinse more spawns a day. Negative effect would be the slight % of having it despawn on you. Or just the average all around spawn % increase


I agree with a monthly reward instead of having a one time prize.
This will definetively tempt me to subscribe the monthly VIP.


That would be nice. Actually having a reward for supporting the game every month is the way to go.


I’ve never joined the VIP although I was tempted at the start but the only upside I could see for getting it was the extended drone and I refuse to pony up nearly 10 quid a month just for that so if they put in a reward system like that I mite be more inclined to join


I dropped out of VIP, the only perk after getting the incubator is extended range and battery.
The extended range is pretty useless, as everything still spawns just out of reach. If it’s something I want, I can walk the few extra yards lost…
The extra battery is nice, but definitely not worth $10/mo. for me.

A one time incubator? NO. (and don’t think you can just cancel and resubscribe to get another, it doesn’t work like that.) (But, if you have multiple accounts downloaded from the same google play/itunes account, you get it on each account)


So I guess it’s more effective when I move. What’s the speed? Walking or driving?


If I remember correctly about what I was originally reading about them, they are ‘supposed to be most effective when walking at a normal pace’. Meaning that you see fewer spawns/chances to catch spawns if you’re stationary or moving too fast. In theory.


They last five minutes.
I used one.
Don’t really care for it, nearly worthless in my book.


Extended range isn’t even a perk anymore because of the creatures escaping.


If there are more features being incorporated in the game and the benefits of a VIP don’t change accordingly, this consequently diminishes the value of a “VIP membership.”