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Given up publishing calendars

Why have you just stopped publishing calendars? I found them quite useful. For example, I would plan my schedule to have time for the MOG if it was a good one for me.

Hey there Severian, the event calendar can also be found from our Twitter page here :smiley: :

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they post it every sunday on facebook as well

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For those of us who don’t give a hoot about social media, we have to go somewhere on social media to get information about an app on a phone. :+1:


Please post it here too. I don’t use Twitter or Facebook.

Honestly, while I don’t have a Twitter account, the most convenient way to get to the calendar in game has always been to click the in game Twitter link.

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Hey DrakeValos, I believe our social media page post their calendar a bit earlier but I’ll try my best to grab them on Monday when I log on, and I’ll post them here. :smiley:

My apologies, I was a bit late on this one :pray:


It still kills me that ludia insists on posting game relevant info on 3rd party servers but not on their own forums. I will never understand people.

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I find it amusing that I’ve been reading the same complaints about companies publishing more info on FB and Twitter than their own forums for a decade and a half. In our modern world of tracking cookies, you should realize that companies know where things like the calendar get the most views. If they aren’t bothering to post it on the forums, it’s because most people aren’t looking at it on the forums.

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It’s less the fact that they post it on social media, and more the fact that they won’t take the extra… minute per week?.. to ALSO post it on the forums or somewhere easy enough where folks that don’t use the media could go. Twitter is a cesspool. Then again, they can’t take the time to fix minor yet gamebreaking bugs so… I guess it’s not surprising.

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March 29th - April 4th:

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It’s quite embarrassing that any criticism is being hidden from view as if people aren’t going to have a look to see what was moderated.

At the end of the day, surely it’s better to engage directly and publicly with players who are not happy and not censor them. It looks bad that any who don’t share a rose tinted view get squelched.

All I’ve seen recently is threads with view ignored content from many posters I consider to have worthwhile opinions.

I have a few issues with how this is portrayed in general:

  1. the post is never flagged by the community (implies someone outside of the company was offended). From someone who has suffered a fair share of moderation it’s always a forum manager or moderator who flags the content.

  2. View ignored content - does that mean ignored by the game developers? Because that gives off a negative vibe in itself.

I’m trying to be constructive here in terms of my critique that I believe there is a 2-fold problem going on that is pushing more and more of the userbase away.

First being that gameplay bugs that are being quickly and diligently reported by the community - great right? That surely means quick and smooth gameplay for all? If acted upon. These bugs reported in less than 24 hours of being found are being left for several weeks not fixed. So the average user is going to think if the game isn’t going to be fixed why should I bother reporting in future or even bother to play this game at all or spend money on gems etc…

Second being the painful lack of communication or a complete shutdown of complaints. If things aren’t going to be fixed for a long time just be honest about it - don’t just string people along or ghost them for weeks. The fact that there’s nobody working over the weekend in customer support is a bit poor too as this is when most people will be spending the majority of their game time and need support.

Come on, sort things out. You are losing us all - my guild is effectively a skeleton crew now and we were hitting the raids and getting the silverhands with days to spare - month after month. I don’t think we’ll even get the legendary this month, with the sheer number of high profile members who have quit the game entirely. I’ve also seen loads of people posting on various platforms desperate for guild mergers as others have seen dwindling numbers. This cannot be a good thing.

Hey there, ninja. I can definitely see where you are coming from. However, when forum rules are broken, the post will be flagged by one of our moderators.

We do welcome constructive criticisms, however! Regarding the weekly calendar being posted here on this thread, I do understand that it might not be the perfect situation at the moment, and I have forwarded the feedback to our team to once again start posting the official weekly calendars here on the forums.

I do want to apologize, however, if certain situations feel like they are ignored, and I understand why it can come off that way. I want to assure you that we do try our best to relay reports back to our team, and the silence is usually because we don’t have further information to give at the moment. :sweat:

The information I currently have is that our team is investigating a list of issues that are being reported, but we don’t have an ETA yet.