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Giving away dna


If you could give away a huge portion of a certain dino’s dna who would you choose? I don’t mean something completely useless I mean something someone else will have use for, mine is this


I’m quite happy giving this away



@Hersh sino and mono really?? Or this a troll comment


I would give it to my mom. She doesn’t play JWA, but she’s an awesome lady. I would choose her to show my appreciation for putting up with me being such a handful growing up. Thanks, mom :heart:


I’ve already given all of mine… Rinex and Tenonto


Haha … no I really would trade them if I could.
Thor is maxed and I don’t particularly want to add rinex to my team.
Pterovexus is a little to fragile for me and stego/trike are far too rare to make monosteg worthwhile (haven’t even made one yet)
And … dioraja speaks for itself :sweat_smile:


Oh man. I’d love that mono :crazy_face:

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Monostegotops is king! Mines level 22, I have 25k stego dna but lacking mono and triceratops dna :frowning:

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Oh yeah I’ve got some too Lol.


Wow, wish I could trade with you, I’m a long way off level 30 anything.

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Oh wow really? I would’ve thought that you of all peeps would’ve had made Monosteg by now…

Not to say that you’re lacking or anything – I mean, I’ve seen your vids with your overpowered Uniques, and I guess I assumed you’d have yours already created, if not at team level. But seriously, I feel you. I literally just created Monosteg a couple of days ago. Triceratops was reaaally holding me back. Happy to have made it now.

Now I have to try and create my last Legendary – Nodotitan… Buuuuuut considering that 1.7 is coming next week, I can’t even hope to make it before the new batch comes out :persevere::confounded:

I will forever be behind in creating hybrids xP


For the longest time, I felt stegocera to be of better value than monosteg. I also didn’t see monoloph too often either (way back when). So whenever I did see it, I put it into monomimus. When stegos got rarer, I stopped splitting it between stegocera (24) and just put it all into stegod (now Maxed).
I left my mono supply alone out of hopes that it’s unique would be worthwhile (bummer).

But no regrets on any of it. Stegocera did an amazing job and held its own for a long time!

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My 70k of gallimimus… idek where it all came from i never dart them during events…


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I’ll trade you all my Kool DNA for that!

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Bring me Monooo… :smiley:

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Maybe it’s the lack of ourano, but I never seem to get low enough to not max every request.

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Someone take all of it please. Even tried leveling up Galli but it will never be of any use in the arenas.