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Giving Fierce creatures more variety

Fierce creatures have the least move options of the three classes. Their moves either involve bleed, breaking shields or increasing attack. They’re straightforward attackers.

I’d like to suggest some variations on Fierce creatures to make playing them more strategic.

Devouring Strike

  • Does x1 damage. If opponent is taken out by the attack, heal x1 damage.

This move is a little finicky. I can see arguments for giving this move to either fast or slow Fierce creatures.

Furious Strike

  • If decelerated, cleanse, increase damage 50% and speed 10% for two turns. Does x1 damage.

How this would work is that it would check if the user is currently decelerated. If so, it would apply the damage and speed buff. This would punish Resilient creatures and encourage slower, bulkier Fierce creatures.

Fierce Spirit (passive)

  • Increase attack 50% on opponent takedown for one turn.

This passive supports fast Fierce creatures with poor bulk.