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Giving up on the endgame

Since I refuse to buy boosts, I’m beginning to think I might also give up on endgame dinos. Does that make sense? I mean, what’s the point of working my ass off hunting to create the uniques to be competitive with, when I can’t compete because I don’t spend the big bucks? Might as well hang in the mid levels with cool stuff, right? Dunno, just sick of the fact that boosts negate effort - no matter what lies Lidia spreads.


I wouldn’t give up on the end game dinos completely. Many are good and useful at low levels. But honestly, just go for the ones you like. Play what you like and what’s fun for you.


You are in a complicated situation and we are many. You can opt for two things.

  1. Keep raising your unique as I do knowing that even if you have 8 unique to 30 you will not be able to do anything against the boosted beasts.
  2. Evolve common, rare and epic to play only in non-limited weekend tournaments (I do not participate anymore). Anyway, I already warn you that there are players with 8 unique 30 boosted and also 30 common, 30 rare, 30 epic and 30 legendary so do not think that you can compete without many dollars here.

I have one dino on my team that is unboosted and will stay that way as I’m almost positive a nerf is coming. It’s a level 29 Procerathomimus, and it does well against boosted Thors and others. Since coins are easier to obtain than boosts for a F2P player like me, I’ll level her to 30 unless a nerf happens before then.


I’ve been sitting on this stuff far too long…


Kinda jealous to be honest. Nice work.

I’m in the same situation.

I gave up on the end-game since Intro of boosts.

Now I use my best dinos to try having a Good rank in the season reward.

I play combo-decks with swap function or dinos who have a good combo.

I can enjoy the game and not level them up to max levels, so all the coins I get gives me a great amount of funny dinos instead.


I like the sound of that!

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Gotta catch them all :wink:


I gave up on the end game a long time ago. Instead I set myself different goals. I just want to collect all the actual prehistoric animals (no interest in hybrids outside of the two canon ones) that appear in the game and get them to 20th level. On top of that I play theme teams. If you are someone who is no longer interested in the high end of the game, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the game.


This is why I want everyday flexible battle options other than the arena (and pointless friendly battles that give zero rewards). The arena is so endgame focused that it bleeds down to almost every level and makes most creatures in the game unusable.

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Damn you have dsungaia, baja and phorusaura too and all at lvl 20😍. I’m jealous right now…

Disrehard rating and just play for fun.

If after disregarding rating you still aren’t having fun, consider why you are still playing this game.