Giving up with irritator

Not going to bother darting any more irritator just to get 10 fused dna per pop. Not worth going out for, especially with the weather

I got 11 tator - 5 gorga 2 trex

I just want purely irritator for its hybrid, 10 per fuse though its not worth going out for… If and when I can ever get a unique it scares me how much dna I’m actually going to need


10 Dna per fuse shouldn’t be the norm but rather when players are really unlucky. But I hope they do not improve the rates now as it will be very unfair for players that grind through it

Well, most of us know when you fusing at 89/100 DNA, you will get 10 DNA at 99.99% XD


I did 6 fuses today and managed to get it to 120/200. So average of 20 per fuse.

Got 14 of 18 Irritator and now 16/23 loading error normal fix not working.

The universe does not want me to do this.

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Yesterday I had my best fusing luck ever while leveling up my Pyrotator. I got 90/50/40/30. Then got hit with a couple 10s in a row. Was starting to think that the new update brought a better balance of fusing odds but quickly realized I was being naiive.


image image

Managed all 18. God knows how :raised_hands:t2:

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All I can say is watch the movements the dinos make…

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Fused I-Rex yesterday and got 30 10 20 10; had 3 attempts left and needed 90 to level up; thought no chance but then got 40 40 20 :rofl:
Also had a 60 on my first fuse of Tryostronix. But have also had 5 or 6 10s on the trot.
RNG is a cruel mistress …

All 18 on irritator. Really tough given I started at 0730 this morning since it ended at 0900.

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Just created Indoraptor. 10,10, 30,10,20,20, 10,30,30,60,20 … that run of 130 DNA in 4 fuses was pretty sweet at the end.

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about 12 of mine were irritator, I made the rounds a couple times yesterday. If I had waited, I could have had them all irritator because two new green stops in my neighborhood were irritators so I could have snagged those a couple more times each, but i did all my hunting during the work day.

He was severely under leveled so he is now only level 15, about halfway to 15.

I don’t follow??

Yeah was a challenge.

I understand what your saying there, but at the same time there’s also alot of people who buy their way through it, take the t rex incubator that was in store, just over £40 for a guarantee of, 500 rex dna, that’s a guaranteed I rex, where as myself I rarely get rex dna and it took a long time as well as 13 fuses to get it. To me grinding is not spending money. Also I managed to get 13 irritator and only managed that because the supply drops are better scattered around, where as the last irritator day I barley found any

I did all irritators for mine. Totally got screwed on fusions though, all irritators and it was only enough to go from 17 to 18. Total BS imo!

Try watching the dinos movements before you fuse. Find the movement that gives you more that 10 dna, and focus on fine tuning that. More likely than not, you will get more than 10

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What u mean?