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Glad They're Proud of so Many Bug Fixes

“About 162 of those pesky bugs have been squashed for 2.2!”

And somehow by fixing all those pesky bugs (145ish probably none of us even noticed), they completely wrecked battling. I’m lucky to connect on 1 out of 5 battles. Sometimes, I get to stare at the background of the arena or fairgrounds for a few restarts. Other times the clock just counts down for a precious minute. Fortunately, none of it costs trophies, but when you’re grinding arena or especially tourney, every minute matters. I know this should probably be in “bug reports”, but who has time to report them all? I’m also sure I’m not the first to bring this up, so admin please merge as appropriate and ask the devs to undo those bug fixes that created ones that actually affect us.
Kelociraptor :slight_smile:


Glad to see people talking about this. I gave up on the arena just because of that.

And of course superbly OP creatures that squash my team like ants, but that’s not the point

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My friend, Ludia is a joke.

OK I might get flagged for that

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I agree with you. The entire company is a joke. If they flag us then oh well. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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If we get flagged, we get flagged. So be it.

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Wow you seriously got flagged

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I sure did :joy::joy: and that’s ok. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The message is already given
Haha lol

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And to reply your topic, yeah, bugs have been in the game as long as disease has been around civilization

If you are seeing the background of the arena just minimise the app and go back in. 95% of the time this will start the battle

They always manage to introduce a new super bug with every update.
The new PVP bugs are particularly annoying because they waste so much time.

Agreed, if I summarize my game history, it probably made me wait for 3 hours +and waste tons of battery

Yeah it’s bad. I’ll get into an area or tournament match then the next one you stare at the arena artwork. Or you are waiting on opponent for a minute then it times out. It’s super frustrating. Also I notice lag in the game now during battles. It could be my phone but it didn’t happen until the update.

Sometimes the battle lag is so bad, my phone actually ‘gives up’ and logs out.

Or the older bug, which I get to endlessly stare at my opponent’s dino and logging out after looking at the same thing for 30 minutes