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Glaivedriver ability

I was checking the ability of some dragons, and I found this:


Pretty sure you guys know about this, since it shows up this was in the Book of Dragons as well, but it does stay glitched after he’s unlocked

Thanks for letting us know, upperthorso. Our team is looking to address this issue soon.

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@Ned I liked the first Glaivedriver ability (before the glitch zeroed them). Why did they weaken it? :confused::sob:

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The ability has been fixed now, because… the third effect has been changed! This dragon doesn’t give counterattack to allies anymore, is this an error? @Ned


Hey AlphaNightFury, I’ve inquired with our team, and the third ability was replaced.

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This is incredibly frustrating because people like myself have spent lots of time and effort into getting medals for this dragon to have counterattack abilities and actually be useful in the arena and now the developers instead of fixing him to make it worth while just give him the trashiest 3rd ability to negate beneficial effects and throw him in the garbage. Was this expecting too much?


But there are plenty of dragons with counter-attack,and dare I say that counter-attack isn’t even that good of an ability.

Just what we needed, more sub par dragons, considering how long it takes to get this dragon to full 5 stars, you just nuked him.

It was always take away beneficial effects the discription was wrong the image was right

You are right, I don’t think it’s the best. But for arena or questing even, you have to agree that lose beneficial effects is a very weak trait.

I think if they were going to change it, it should have been the Hail Mary against the Sawmaw and Murmurs and been a revive block at least. They take longer to acquire, at least make it worth it.