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Glaivedriver's new look

Is it just me or does Glaivedriver look a bit different since arena was released? I think there is a new red marking on him, and I think the eyes have changed. (could be just me though.)

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Do you have a screenshot?



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you’re right, it definitely is different

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The one labeled before just looks higher resolution to me

there are more red markings, like the wings are a dark and light red mix now instead of black and red. You can see more red on the tail and front legs too

It’s (He’s?) definitely different, but it’s also a higher resolution.

The barb at the end of the tail is thinner/smaller, the pupils are more dilated (though I don’t remember if they change in the animation, I’m going to assume they don’t?), and adding on to what @AIlen said, there are now detailed markings at the tip of the tail and front legs that bleed back along the sides to the wings. And maybe the hocks? It’s a bit hard to tell. They also changed the overall body from a pure pitch black to something that seems to have a deep red/crimson overlay. I’m assuming he’s going to have a glow at some point like the other 4 and 5* dragons so, maybe that’s why?

Thank you for the pictures @Skrill_Raincutter! I love seeing this stuff :heart_eyes: I usually only take pictures for the level up sequences and before/afters. Guess this teaches me to not drag my feet!

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Yeah, maybe when the arena was released the glowing effect was off for error, all 5⭐ dragons must have it