Glitch after Alpha battle

I’ve been having this reoccuring glitch after fighting an Alpha. After the fight, I will try to go do a regular quest, only for the dragons to appear with no health bars and my game won’t react to anything I click on.

This has happened every time after an Alpha battle since the new update, and it consumes my energy. I have to completely close the game and restart it, then
the glitch is gone, but I lose an extra quest to get items when this happens.

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For me it worked to switch on auto mode, after a little wait the board was not locked and computer switched tiles, I could play the wave, next wave my board stayed locked again and I had to switch on auto mode again to solve the issue like before. Maybe that‘ll at least help that you don‘t lose the energy for simple battles, where it‘s not bad to lose three or four turns to the computer.

And missing health bars and false wave counters are known issues of this update, you are fighting blind but everything works (enemies will go down if you hit them enough and battle will end after wave 3/3 even if it still shows 1/3).

Hey RainingMints, thanks for reporting this. Our team is currently working on addressing this issue.