Glitch cost me cash and coins

So I was buying coins from the coin sale. While this wqs happening the game glitched and froze. I soft reset but when I got back in it said I spent 1000 bucks but I did not have the coins in my inventory. I lost 1000 hard cash and did not receive the coins I purchased.

Hey The_blaze, could you please try closing the game completely, and then relaunching to see if you receive the Coins?

If the issue persists after the restart, please reach out to our team at with your support key. Our team would be happy to help you.


Something very similar happened to myself, was opening the daily (6 hourly) incubator and it froze on the last reward, the creature DNA. Naturally, I tapped the screen a few times and after closing then reopening the game, I had opened up a bog standard rare incubator (1000 cash one) when I really didn’t want to waste cash on that…

Side note - just realising there’s a coin which is usually what I spend my cash on. That’s just adding insult to injury at this point