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Glitch: friend request

I have not been able to add my new alliance members as a friend. This has hindered my ability for friendly battles and alliance mission rewards.

Anyone else dealing with this?

If you have too many friends, it won’t allow you to add more, if you have a short friend list, then I’m not sure

Is there a maximum number of friends that you can have?

Maximum is 50. Yes, I’m having the same problem. And friends list isn’t full

It’s just a glitchy mess then.

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You can have more than 50 but the add friend request button goes away when you get above 50

Yeah, 50 is a “soft” cap so the “add friend” button goes away at that point. In order to add more you have to have them send you a request, or go to their alliance list, click their name, and “friend request” that way. But if you’re trying this and it just isn’t letting you, that’s frustrating for sure.

Annnnd now that I just tried that with a new member in my alliance, it’s not working for me either.

I’ve gotten erros like this before. However, I look at my pending friend requests, and it went through and is just waiting approval from the other person. So wierd.