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Glitch in strike tower


Comp brought out nodo I brought out carno then comp swapped to scolo I used long protection and the game ended and said I won. Didnt completely close game. Was looking around map. Game crashed then put me in where I left off. Also darting is terrible now. Then this happened.


Not just strike towers. I had this in the normal arena…


I don’t remember fart attack mentioned among the new moves


Uhh well then. Maybe I should be glad my battles are timing out


@Juraysic, it’s a new “cloak” ability :slight_smile: However, thanks for reporting this to us every one. We’ve brought it up to the team, and they’ll look into this soon.

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I’m both confused and intrigued


That’s both funny and I can actually see how this could work for a cloak type move, lol.


So this was an unfinished thing accidentally added to the game?


I don’t believe so, @MrNinja501st. Our team will have to take a closer look at this.


I didn’t even think about fart attacks. Talk about new abilities. :joy::joy::joy: