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Glitch in the apatasaurus fossils

So i just had a trade for food-coins which I’ve been waiting for, then i bought like 15 apatosaurus fossils to trade them for bucks in the trade harbor.

When i want to play again after an hour i saw an additional four apatosaurus fossils in my park which i don’t remember not placing in the market.
Has this happend to anyone else?


It actually has, I used to think that it was just my carelessness or tiredness and everytime I saw those I felt a “huh?” mentally. :joy:


Sometimes it makes a glitch if your game closes you think you stored them and nope they are there, or you think you made the deals and your game don’t records them.

Another thing is that maybe for mistake you took a reverse Apatosaurus trade (you sell something else like dna or DB and in exchange you get 4 Apatosaurus) once I made this mistake by trading like 2,000 DB for 4 Apatosaurus, since I was expecting it was a regular trade my finger went faster than my brain hahah


I know right haha

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Its very weird becausw i know i bought only 15 then when i picked up the other four it was 19

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It happend again

So it was 19 then it was 33 so it almost doubled atleast i got a db trade a while ago

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Uhm, I know you’re not going to like this, but you should report that bug and not exploit it, you could get your account banned or reset (at least that’s what they said a month ago with the new cheaters protocol)

(Dumb idea) but do you think that your account has been hacked?

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That bug has existed for a while.

@Average_Spinosaurid no, if Ludia can’t fix this in half a year they’re unlikely to ban people for it

@Badlands210 no, it’s a glitch.

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well, this glitch has not been doing anything bad to me anyways, i have almost 50 AFs when i only bought 15, and i have been getting lots of good trades from it. I just hope it would stop its making me feel i cheated.

Been a while…

Now i have 32 afs… I shall use these afs for good… Trading it to chanya.