Glitch in the system?


I wake up happy to catch some rex dna today and turns out I completed the event yesterday… What’s the point then of the event continuing today if I can’t participate since I participated yesterday?


Some people didn’t complete it yesterday?
Game’s not all about you. :stuck_out_tongue:


These people blow my mind. As if everything revolves around them :roll_eyes:


Because it isn’t all about you. Sorry to burst your ego but not everyone got to play yesterday. You got your chances. Stop being bitter. They literally added extra chances as well. Be grateful you got any at all


Why do you keep making thread after thread about this? You already used ALL of your chances. There are NO MORE chances for you to catch any DNA this time. What aren’t you getting?


Can someone refresh me on the actual time window to get the Rex or DOTD dna? I went out this evening and there are no Rexes in “green space drops”, but it showed 11 hrs left in the event. Then I find a green space drop with an epic dino, Pyroraptor with 5/6 attempts completed.


Pyroraptor and T-Rex share their tries and time. Like Tanycolagreus and Sarcosuchus did on Monday/Tuesday.

And Dimetrodon/Irritator will share Friday/Saturday of course.

They improved DotD Event with this little Update …

  • you don’t have to drive to the city daily anymore if you got no Event Drops in your neighborhood
  • you got more freedom to choose which one you want more or how to use your tries


Ah! I was terribly confused.
Thank you sooo much!


Crybaby ! Why do you think the game revolves around you