Glitch or hack!?!?!


Justvplayed a game where what i chose did not happen, always defulted to the basic attack

um hello??? Can i get some support?


Have had that before am pretty sure it’s a hack


Mine just did that and I had to restart.


It’s been happening to me over the past week as well. It’s so frustrating!


Does it really matter? Do you think Lydia cares? I’ve had “stunned” dinos striking back, moves that doesn’t work and battles I’ve supposedly lost even before I chose my first dino.
You lose some…and then you lose some more.
Welcome to Ludia games


Just a connection glitch. Can’t hack the game to make your opponent choose different moves


Hey that_boi, thanks for reporting this. I have seen a similar issue like this one before, and our team has been notified. If you have any more information, contact our staff here at with your support key and those screenshots to assist them further in the investigation.