Glitch with attacker quests?

So, I have gotten the quest:

Deal 15000 damage using Halbenet.

Well, I have probably done at least twice that since I started the quest. After battles, it hardly goes up.

I think I registered around 1500 damage in last battle, but only 500 got registered.

I thought about it maybe being because of it only registers the actual damage done, and not the potential. But, it still registers just a fraction of the real damage…

Arena damage doesn’t count.

Yes i know, this was in challenge and explorer.

That sucks, very strange. That’s a quest I never have problems with anymore

Hey there, @Sertito, I’m sorry to hear that this quest isn’t tracking properly! That must really be frustrating. In order to take a closer look at things and figure out what might be happening, reach out to our support team at, including your support key in the email so that they can find you faster.