Glitches and other problems

What problems have you noticed/ had since the update. I’ll go first.
1 the tryko buffed damage glitch. Ot loos like his damage is buffed and it actually does a little more than ots supposed to.
2. I was in the middle of a mammotherium raid my game crashed.
3. Lots of lag.
4. Seemingly worse matchmaking. Il
5. I clicked on an AI battle and it waited 20 seconds and gave me a real opponent instead.
6. The game keeps having raid problems so I have to restart the game multiple times until it finally works right.
These are just what I’ve experienced so far. Let me know if you have any similar experiences or if you experienced a glitch I haven’t


the game is lagging so much, it gets extremely annoying.

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I haven’t been noticing it too much but I have a lot of people complaining about it. It could be the snow :thinking: I am joking I have no idea.

Takes an xtra minute to see my dinosaur roster(longer than before)
Pink waterfall in the aviary of course
Seeing ur dino stats when hovering? on other players dinos
that’s all I’ve gotten through my experience in game, so far

I’ve heard members saying their phone’s batteries are draining more quickly and one guy even has to put his (second) phone on some frozen food to keep it from overheating! :fire:

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All of the above