Glitches in the game

ye ik its whatever at this point kinda pissed thank you for the info

This has to be a glitch. My Game is broken.

An ~8k creature better than ~25k creatures.
Something is wrong. :laughing::roll_eyes:

My son had the same rewards as you. I think those rewards fitted better for his level, and the rewards (maybe not the final reward though…) were very helpful as there were several pyroraptors, something that helped him make carnoraptor. He leveled up to park lvl 55 during the season pass, so that is not enough to get blue as final reward, at least not if levelling up after the season pass has started. So you should try level up to park lvl 56 before the next season pass starts.

Yeah it is unfortunate that it won’t change which really sucks because ik many people wanted it and i know blue will not be coming back for a while to unlock which is highly unfortunate for anyone under level 55 which is why i said it was unfair but its just a waiting game now until blue comes to tournament for unlock if she ever does. I hope your son continues to enjoy the game and is able to unlock blue from the tournament when she comes back and yes the free rewards were slightly useful i got many utahraptors they could have been better but beggars can’t be choosers so yeah hope you have a good day/night :grin:

I’m also under lvl 55… I’m at 50… it’s just so sad. 6% chance for blue, around half for pyroraptor, 13% carnoraptor and even less for spinoraptor

Not at all, actually it was pretty fun

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The VIP instant fusing is still broken! I thought it would have been fixed by now… nope.

After fusing Unaysaurus and Rhamphorhynchus in the VIP fusing chamber, I unlocked Unayrhnchus and placed the creature in my park. After leaving the game, and coming back, I noticed that my creature was missing from the park. I found Unayrhnchus in the storage building and put the creature back in my park, BUT now it is LOCKED!!! I cannot create more creatures. This is so frustrating, as are all the other bugs that never get fixed.

Has anyone else got this issue fixed?

I haven’t had that issue in a long time.

I usually create the new hybrids with my instant fusion chamber.

Here’s the newest aquatic hybrid and the unlock:


Yes, I haven’t had that issue in a long time too, until today. I hope Ludia comes in and rescues my creature.

I’m assuming you already sent an email to support? If not, make sure you do that with screenshots if you have them. Good luck.


Yes, I sent an email, but I don’t take screenshots every time I fuse a creature. That’s beyond what a customer needs to do. I’ll keep you updated.

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Our game crashes all the time when my son tries to battle. It used to be fine but the last few weeks its awful. I have emailed aswell but not reply

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I wonder how long it takes to reply to tickets.

Ludia support says that they’re receveing many tickets, so it takes them a while to reply to each one (mine took like 5 days). The problem is I got a problem not too different from yours. I fused Geosaurus and Elasmosaurus, got my Geolasmosaurus and a crash right after that. Result? I have my Geolasmosaurus but it’s locked in the market. Same thing happened with Xinathodon, with the exception that they replied much quicker to that ticket.


Well, let’s hope we both get our issues resolved soon. And, I just wonder why they can’t fix these damn coding issues over and over again. It takes away the fun of the game. Not to mention for VIP, we are paying the instant fusing, and it’s a broken feature, so… I’ll hold my tongue until I hear from them.

Anyway, keep enjoying your park building as much as you can!

Hi @Leon_Moses, thank you for having sent an email already. It usually takes about 3+ business days to receive a reply but the current ticket queue is quite a bit longer. Rest assured you will assisted with the matter as soon as possible.

Thank you

@Zero and @Drain , I know you shouldn’t have to screenshot everything, but in the future I would screenshot at least when you’re fusing to unlock a hybrid. Having that screenshot may make it more likely you’ll get it resolved quicker. I have no proof of that, just an opinion.

If you don’t already screenshot during the game, test it out because sometimes people’s games crash during screenshots. I think that’s mostly during PVP though. Anyhow, good luck with your unlocks getting resolved.

Example, i screenshot during the hybrid fusion

And if it doesn’t crash, i screenshot the unlock


Yeah I also have the screen of the unlock, but I’m guessing the wait time this once won’t be short anyway.


The Velociraptor glitch is back. . .

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Better velociraptor glitch than freezing glitch when winning battles…