Glitches! Suggeations


I’d like to know how some opponents has more then one of the same dino during battles??? Its super annoying and i feel it’s unfair.

Drop supply.
A couple of the drop supplies have been moved around in my area and due to that not many dinos are around, when before there were tons within walking distance of my apt.

Due to not many dinos being in my area I’m not as excited to play like I was when I first downloaded it!

I have a couple suggestions.

For the battle incubators.
When all your slots are full and you choose to continue to battle you should be able to see what the incubators are and be able to switch with one you don’t want. I.e. lets say you have a 3 hr and you won an 8 hr, i would like the option to be able to “throw away” the three hour away and keep the 8 hr.

I’d also like the option to add friends and be able to see their dinos. I’d also love to have an option to be able to battle your friends and to have them join a battle with me against another opponent/ opponents.

Extended batteries/ hand cash.
I’d like to see a change that we can buy them with the coins, i have over 20 thousand and it’s a pain that they are being used just for eveloving dinos.

I’m sure I’ll have more things to add later.


Are u able to play now? There is not time out battle bug in your game?


Yes but the dinos that less health then I do end up beating me somehow.

My husband has more problems that I have been having. He was trying to battle yesterday and he could not pick his moves or they would be whited out. Also he had just gone into the game and tried to battle and he was apparently in the middle of a battle when he wasn’t even playing it.


Supply drops i pretty much agree; pre-update was in fact way better but according to the FAQ they will make constant adjustments so i hope we’ll see an update on this one.

The battle incubator suggestion actually isn’t bad; imo it should be a VIP option and definitely has a daily cap; lets say max 3 exchanges. Non VIP perhaps ‘only’ once; since this is a pretty strong feature on the long run.

Adding friends is always a good thing, imo not as important as other features but sure why not.

Not sure what you mean by the hand cash - battery suggestion.

Your second post about the battles is indeed correct; a bug where dinosaur skills are unavailable and shown as a white dot is unfortunately around… The battle arena seems to be buggy left and right. :frowning:

Oh and about lower health dinosaurs; sometimes skills and speed are more important over health, armor,… Imo health is still very important at certain times but take in consideration your dmg vs your opponents dmg. Some low health dinos can deal a serious amount of dmg; so health doesn’t matter here… Dmg reduction, heal or armor helps out a lot here!


Why would I make a suggestion for VIP members when I myself can NOT afford to spend $13/month on it? I’m not rich enough to be able to spend double that ever month for both my husband and myself to have VIP memberships that currently only expand the battery.

I understand you feel my suggestion should only for VIP’s and if my suggestions are used for that, then I WILL STOP PLAYING!!

I’d love to be able to battle my hubby but the way it is now I can’t. I’d also like to help home in battles as well.

And in not sure how eles to explain I’d like to be able to yes the coins to buy had cash and :battery: explanation for a certain time period. Ie like two hours.


I’m currently new to the game and have captured 4 Dino’s and unlocked the battle hall but I cannot add any Dino’s to my slots or battle at the training stage. Any advice here? I’ve checked online but can’t find any info there


No, not only VIP there should also be a free variant as i described; 1 daily change for non-VIPs and an additional 2 changes for VIPs to, in fact, make it more valuable as of what it now is as you said yourself; its pretty much not worth it.

Everything VIP or cash related is still an important factor of the game; some can afford it while others can’t or won’t but in fact it is what the game keeps alive. JWA needs a certain income to stay afloat - money has to come from somewhere. That doesn’t mean everything has to be VIP related but on the other hand currently VIP is not really worth it.

The friend battles should definitely be a long term goal as it in fact is a good fun feature!

For cash you can still spin the supply drops (daily max of 50 cash) and earn via the free cash section - if that ever works. Dont worry those 20K gold will be spend very soon on high level dinosaurs. Also one of the pro’s as a VIP; an extra spin pretty much guarantees 50 cash / day. Other then 10 € / month i dont have to spend any more money on the game due to the cash i earn via VIP. ^^ i earn my VIP ‘back’ in cash really.

As for the dino team; i believe you need 8 dinosaurs in stead of 4? It takes a random team of 4 dinosaurs of those 8 every time you go into battle. I can’t really remember it has been such a long time by now lol. So you can’t add dinosaurs to the battle arena; if you go into a battle the game will pick random dinosaurs for you! You can modify the team by pressing “modify” in the right top corner of your screen to change your dino team around. All those 8 dinosaurs are potentially a random 4 dino team in the battle arena. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Awesome suggestions, I would love any of these features.