When I use instant cripple against Einiaauchus, I still usually take 400-600 dmg. I think this may be due to poor stacking of buffs/debuffs.

Apatosaurus pinned my Shotator and it was ponned for 3 turns… May have been more but it died.

Anyone experience any of these or others? Let’s get Ludia to finally notice these.


One of my games froze tonight and after I refreshed the app, it opened up to a pretty interesting screen … can you spot what’s off


I know these are supposed to be bugs but they look more and more like haxorz


Hi corpse,

There is a bug when you use cleansing while pinned - it causes the pin to become permanent.


I am also experiencing problems with Battles, a couple of times while in a battle the screen has not allowed me to choose a mode of attack or defence neither has it allowed me to change dino.I kept passing options to no avail & my opponent was shown as “thinking”.
There was nothing I could do apart from close the app, when I reopened I was informed I’d lost the battle!
This happened again yesterday… I was unable to choose option of battle, I was prompted to change dino but was unable to… my opponent was showing as “thinking”… the screen showed this for at least 3-4 mins before I closed app, when I reopened I discovered I’d won.
This morning I opened a battle incubator then tapped to battle, chose a dino, I was immediately prompted to choose another dino… my first had been killed without me being able to take part in the battle… my opponent’s dino showed a drop in health.
Something is certainly wrong with the battle part of the game.


It was on my Shotator. That would explain it. Thanks!


It’s battling without you. I have experienced this too. All I see is the move picked and it’s always the basic one.