Glitching and Freezing


Is anyone else having the issue that after you spin a Dino-Stop that you cannot click on anything? I cannot click on Dino’s or the stops and I have to close and reopen only to have it happen multiple tones in a row…


Hey Thor_Herron, does this happen with all Supply Drops or only certain ones? Usually, freezing issues could be caused by a RAM issue, try closing any background apps you have opened while playing and see if that helps. If the issue persists, contact our support team at with your support key and more information so they can take a closer look at this.


I’ve been having this issue as well, although I’m not sure it happens after spinning a supply drop. At least once a day since the update, my game becomes unresponsive (cannot spin drops, select dinos to dart, etc.). This usually happens within the first 10 minutes of launching the game.


How do I find what my support key is? I would like to contact support because the issue is still happening. The game becomes unresponsive after spinning a drop, it will spin for longer than normal then give the rewards and after that closes I cannot click Dino’s or other stops. It’s like I’m not even tapping the screen. I have to close the application and reopen it in order to be able to make selections. I am able to go to my Labratory and select Dino’s and everything just fine, when I go back to drone mode I am still unable to click on anything like Dino’s and stops still. After closing and reopening the app I am able to play correctly with it only doing this around 3-5 times a day. I do live in a very rural area in Illinois, idk if that has anything to do with it, but it’s only been happening since the pteranodon update.