Glitching or what?


@Major & I just had a battle in which I was soundly beaten down by a level 20 Velociraptor (among other dinosaurs). However, the game declared ME the winner & awarded me a 3 hour incubator. Interestingly enough, when I tried to open it early by paying 30 dinosaur dollars, it kept backing me out of the page. Goofy glitch or what?


I get that in bad connection areas, mostly work. It just kicks me right out to the battle screen with inactive incubators. Try closing and reloading the game, or wait till you’re in a better spot.


That’s what I ended up doing; a restart. Then when I reactivated the game, that incubator’s gone,
Gee. Wotta surprise. I just hope for @Major the game awarded the deserved victory & spoils.
The odd thing though, my 4g connection is robust & powerful everywhere I go so that was rather surprising.


Huh, that is a bit weird. Did you notice any other changes like more gold or anything? If so, it could’ve taken. I haven’t had the Victory Switch Glitch (kinda waiting for it since I record all my battles), but I’ve had imcubators not activate. I’ve actually had drones not launch too, and certain dinos literally untouchable, but that was all in bad wifi areas.


Now I’ve experienced it from the other side:
I’m in a battle & about to win handily (it will end 3-1 after my level 19 Velociraptor’s pounce) when suddenly I’m dead, kicked out, & the game announces I’ve lost. Naturally I freak. But I immediately return to the battle menu to search for another contest when suddenly I’M BACK IN THE PREVIOUS ARENA AGAINST THE SAME ADVERSARY IN THAT SAME MATCH! I freak again but happily tap on pounce & win the match. Talk about a glitch or what!


Wow, that one’s pretty nuts! I didn’t recover from a “match timeout” I got; thought my Dilophosaurus could handle an Einiasuchas…should’ve switched.