Glob monster always attacking


Yo so I’m using Tomus’ move that unables the opponent from attacking, but this glob thing always attacks anyways. I don’t get it.

Hey there, @Jose_Santiago, I believe that this is due to the fact that Gelatinous Cubes remove all debuffs at the start of their turn(s).


Oh gotcha!
Hey, by any chance, could you pass down the suggestion of making a Monster Log, Item Log, etc. It’ll help players like me that don’t know a thing about D&D learn about everything.

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I can totally pass that suggestion along, and feel free to share any other ideas you might come up with here:

Good luck on your adventures!

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Fun fact: if you press and hold on a monster, it shows all the effects on the monster, their attacks, and abilities. That includes the Gelatinous Cube’s “Resilience” ability, which give itself “restore” at the start of every turn.

But yes, an in-game monster manual could be cool! I suggest it have cool art and bits of lore about the monsters. Might also give small rewards after killing X numbers of certain creatures.

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Only problem with that is, you better hope that type of monster you’re trying to kill is in your dungeon. Cuz we can’t just go back and fight them.

I figured out that whole holding onto an enemy thing earlier this morning. Thanks though!

Ok yes it need 10