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Global and Local common spawns need sleep too!

I live very rural with one single road leading to the house. I don’t mind spending money on 5/50 scents, but out of seven 5 minute scents I got 1 Irritator g2, 2 Tarbos and the rest were Majuns. Why couldn’t these common locals and globals be changed to daytime only so when a player gets up early or stays up late they have a better chance at the dawn/dusk/night creatures.


According to the Spawn mechs, Tarbo is night/Dawn/dusk spawn. Agree with Irri G² though and my case it’s Suchomimus.

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Yeah, if you see a tarbo you’re either running a restaurant or the sun isn’t up completely yet :slight_smile:

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I stay up late and get up early for tarbo and when I get 15+ Majuns in a row it is slightly discouraging.

Ugh, I’m so tired of Majunga, lol. I ran some 5 min scents the other night and got 6 straight Tarbos from them. I usually get a bunch every night but 6 in a row was very nice to see than the usual Majunga, Irratator g2. If it wasnt for alliance missions I would pass on them.

My mother lives in a zone 2 and complains about dracorex all the time. I wish I had her dilemma lol

Seriously mom

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Get the theme scents if you can! If the themed scent is good like this weeks Fisher scent I say screw boosts this week xD

I got 4 irri so far in 2 scents and now have 1k irri again. Sometimes luck is bad. But yeah I take the risk, the theme scents help in rural areas. I also live in a rural area. Rather dart more things than boost.

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I really like the themed scents too! The spawn rates can easily be modified at hq, take the turtle as an example, so there really isn’t any reason the results from the 5/50s need to attract 80% undesirable dinos.

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