Global Extinction recruiting

JWA Global


We have about six slots spare at the moment if anyone is looking to join an Alliance.

We’ve had a few people drop out lately so we’re looking to bolster our numbers. Even if you haven’t reached the normal level requirements but you are active, can do your 10 takedowns each tournament and want to be part of a good Alliance, drop us an application in game. :t_rex::sauropod:

We have recently lost a decent number of players due to burn out or frustration with the game so we have some vacancies we’re eager to fill. Due to the number of spaces to fill we’re only asking that new members qualify for tournaments. Discord is preferable, especially for raiding but not essential for joining

Once back up to near full numbers we easily hit the rewards mentioned in the poster.

Any interest please reach out here or through the Discord names on the poster (small error on the poster, Naishler should be all caps)

We’re a fun, laid back alliance and wed love to have you join! :grin: