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Global Spawns change

Have you noticed any migrations or spawn changes after the end of Kelenken season? I have used 3 giga scents and couldn’t get any Meiolania spawns… Are there any local zones or global spawn changes?

That’s just luck. What DID happen was that now dailies only spawn on their day. You can’t find an entelodon on Tuesday or a marsupial lion on Sunday

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double trouble turtles! I love that.


Man… Were you able to get them both? 40 seconds… Guess i just have bad luck then

Nah though I don’t usually chase these. I darted the carbo because I want to get Testacornibus.

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Send me that Meiolania then lol send it to my map, please :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I usually get at least 4-5 per Giga scent

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I can donate meio. I have 8.1k of it and it’s at lvl 20 too. And I wasn’t even trying when darting them, but made use of it in tournaments.

Hey look! It’s Leonardo and Michelangelo!


This has to be the best reply of the century :rofl::rofl::rofl:

What local zone are you? I know it doesn’t matter to the scent, but you know… Things can change

L3 Hidden park. So I get park spawns and L3 spawns

:frowning: I’m in L2 so all I get a Gorgos and the occasional quetz

I found an Entelodon today and even have a crappy video showing the calendar, date, and time.

Really. Then I unfortunately haven’t had the same luck, so that’s still good

I fully expect them to change on the 15th. Boars still seem to be in the super rare category. Some Epic spawns being far more common than a rare boar.

agreed. I have more mammoth fusions worth for entelomoth than entelodon

Two parks by you! I’m not even near one. They should make parks like 10% of area instead of parks and fields

I get lots of erliko g2 and dracorex