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Globe (Jurassic file #3)

Goodness Gracious! That thing scare the freak out of me. Don’t worry, it’s just a mosasaur. Not just any mosasaur. It’s our friend the Globidens. Please welcome that guy. Due to finding creatures that needs more attention as well, keep an eye out for Wiwaxia, Yawunik, Odobenocetops, Pycnonemosaurus, and Homotherium


Rarity: Regular Legendary

Animation: Mosasaur

Evo 1

Level 10

Health: 453

Attack: 149

Fact: The name, Globidens, means “Globe teeth”.

Evo 2

Level 20

Health: 748

Attack: 216

Fact: Unlike any other mosasaurs, Globidens has a globe like shape tooth, which are use like a ball hammer to break through preys hard shell to get the meat out.

Evo 3

Level 30

Health: 1089

Attack: 365

Fact: Globidens fossils was discovered in USA and Africa.

Evo 4

Level 40

Health: 1554

Attack: 467

Fact: Globidens was named by Gilmore in 1912.

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Talk about the strange teeth it got