Gloomleer Spirit-Ability bugged / reset

Hi everyone!
I just recognized that after the update at least the Spirit-Ability level of my Gloomleer had been reset from 10 to 1 (not visually). I already contacted support but I think it‘ll take some time for them to answer because of the other issues caused by the update (duties stuck, missing trustpoints for toothless, …).
Only wanted to report the bug as early as possible if some of you maybe have the same issue. Screenshots attatched.

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Sorry, the pictures were uploaded in wrong order, the last one should be the first one.

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I can’t make heads or tails of what you are trying to say.

You’re saying that your Ability level is at 1 even though it shows level 10?

I can’t read German but it looks like the ability lock on the foe was for 5 turns.

Where exactly is the problem?

Gloomleer should regain 40% health, but the last picure shows 1169 HP before using the spirit ability, the first one 1401 HP after using it. That doesn‘t fit.
1401-1169 = 232 HP gained. 232 HP are 40% of 580 HP - that‘s around the HP Gloomleer has as an untrained baby dragon.

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The other three pictures show how much damage was dealt by the spirit ability and it‘s roughly 535, but 190% of 456 attack should be roughly 865 damage.

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There is nothing to complain about the visuals, it‘s what‘s happening. The lock works as intended, but I‘m not sure about the decreased damage because my dragons are dying right now in quests that I managed to deal with before and at least the gained health is definetly wrong.
Maybe I am wrong about the actual level, but something‘s wrong with the ability.

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I just conducted an experiment:

Pic 1 is my fully maxed Gloomleer

Pic 2 shows my Gloomleer hitting a Robust Rumblehorn
you can see the Rumblehorn took 572 damage and the healing to my Gloomleer was 228. (572 * 40% = 228.8)

Pic 3 shows the Robust Rumblehorn after the hit and it now has 572 less health (572 + 64 = 636)

It looks fine to me.

I don’t think you are calculating the damage correctly. The damage should take into account the defense of the opponent.

I would like to add that even though the math looks okay to me, something just doesn’t feel right.

Battles that used to be a piece of cake before the update are much more difficult now.

I’m not sure if healing has changed or damage has changed but something feels different after the update.

I‘m just very irritated that all my other dragon‘s healing works exacly like before and in addition there‘s nothing in the visuals of Gloomleer. The enemies are more powerful anyway because they simply gain spirit faster, but that has nothing to do with healing or taken damage by enemy dragons.

If I calculate the „healing factor“ it‘s 232 / 2056 = 11.284…% but maybe I‘m reading the discription of the ability in a wrong way (as shown by you above)? And the enemy dragons have a shield that is not shown as well? Then my calculation is wrong.

So after the update, enemy dragons now gain spirit much faster. No wonder everything feels off.

With just 1 hit of tiles an enemy dragon can attain 50% spirit.

Ludia, please fix this. Enemy dragons should not be gaining spirit so quickly.

I recognized this issue while fighting against dragons with „very fast“ spirit ability, I could barely make my turns as I had to wait while the enemies were launching spirit abilities. But I‘m (unfortunately) not sure if it‘s an actual bug or intended…

Thank you very much for helping me out with Gloomleer, I will rescedule my strategy based on this info!