Glorious chests

Should the Glorious chests be this poor? Or has Ludia turned them down? I remember them as a lot more promising.

I remember there being about 20 epics, this is very strange

I confirm there is something strange

Probably not so much strange as Ludia deciding that we get too much for free. I have given up on most companies view on ethics…

I hope it’s a glitch.
@Ludia_Developers @Ned can you tell us if it’s a glitch or the chests’ loots have been downgraded without informing the Community?

It’s a visual bug because the place where you open your chests shows the incorrect rarities. However when you check the rarities each chest type contains from your arena bracket, it is correct. Can confirm by opening a purple chest providing the listed amount of epics (and a bonus legendary!) Screenshot_20200329-111525_Warriors Screenshot_20200329-111616_Warriors Screenshot_20200329-111558_Warriors

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Yes it looks like glitch. I got a decent loot in it when I opened it. But how did it happen?

I’m almost 100% certain this bug occured when they made the latest update as a lot of things pvp related (from crashes to worst than ever matchups to some glitched interactions) are unstable.

The amount of problems ‘fixed’ or features added by each updated is always surmounted at least twofold by flaws introduced. I am not certain why this occurs, but based on observation I conclude this results from the combination of incompetent coding, poor porting of incompatible elements from other Ludian products, and inadequate testing prior to release.

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Thanks for the screenshots, Hotsaucegg115!