Glutton for punishment, another account

So I decided today to help out a bit with one of my other kids accounts. She is a little younger than the other kid who’s account that I have been playing for awhile now but still enjoys checking in on the game and seeing/finding dinos. I played this account a little bit several years ago so it’s not starting from nothing but has a long way to go to be where I’d like to get it too.

The kicker was she has been asking me recently why I don’t play her game when she sees me playing her sisters game and I finally caved.

The game plan is to get it to a fairly stable self sufficient set up so I don’t have to really play it much, just take advantage of the trade harbor as much as possible for resources to keep things moving along.

The 1st step is amping up coin production, I’ll probably look to go the common hybrid route and get some paddocks fairly full

Her account is park lvl 50, she has most of the commons and rare dino’s unlocked so that is a plus. We already have a few common hybrids so that is good. Other than that not a whole lot, coin production is pretty low right now so can’t do much with fossil trades yet. I just hatched 7 Alangasaurus to get the ball rolling on that.

Will see how it goes for a bit, should be interesting

Any suggestions are welcome, It’s been a while since I had to plan much out or pay attention to resources on the other games.


Your now gonna be handling 3 accounts @Subxero11?!?

Someone give this man a medal :joy:

In all seriousness though would she not have most of the super rares and legendaries unlocked aswell? I believe up until stage 50 most of these were unlockables bar postosuchus kaprosuchus and aerotitan and maybe a couple others


Probably has most of those unlocks, I’d have to check though.

Again, I don’t want to play this game much, I won’t be doing tournaments and skipping most events.

I really just want it to survive off of trades for the most part so I don’t have to play it lol

I really just need to be producing several million coins per day to keep fossils stocked. Shouldn’t be too hard to get too… i hope

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Posto is Stage 34. I might be wrong but it’s definitely battle stage. The only legendary battle stage at 50 is Icthyostega. At Battle Stage 50 all the super rares that are battle stage unlocks are unlocked already


Oh, nearly forgot to mention, @Subxero11 food to coin trades are super, SUPER good at this stage in the game depending on the ratio. Remember, all the coin you get from the trade is probably going into AFs anyways so if you get a trade like 10 mil food for 40 mil coin, that’s 10 million food for 36 AFs. Which, assuming you take every AF -> food trade, means 20+ free AFs

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I did a quick look and she is missing 4 rare unlocks, I think 4 SR unlocks. Have all the commons though so that is good.

Missing Pyroraptor unfortunately, can’t remember too many of the other ones she was missing but most were non issue as far as hybrids go

I was talking before the switchover they did end of last year posto would not have been

Rhamphorynchus and nundasuchus were both late releases for rare creatures

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Some issues have already come up… I forgot that this particular child likes to push the green buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone spent all the DBs i got today lol As long as she enjoyed it :rofl:


I’ve done three accounts before. It’s tough


Wait so is T. rex a battle stage unlock as well or no?

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It is a battle stage unlock I don’t know whether 54 or 57

T-Rex is Stage 54. The 4 unlockable Jurassic legendaries are Icthyostega, Pteranodon, Rex, and Unaysaurus, in that order.

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Is Ostafrikasaurus not unlockable in battle stages anymore?

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No it is not but earth shattering yes

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Made some good progress yesterday but most of that was just catching up on battle stages and other things that I never got around too. All caught now now so things are back to a crawl.


Progress on this account has been pretty slow with the move and internet issue. This account also has an issue in that I can’t do any pvp battles without it freezing and never loading opponents. I still need to put in a ticket :stuck_out_tongue:

With that being said I’m making some progress and feeling out how things are going to go. Seems getting a few AFs and trading for food, coin and DBs is what I’m gonna do for a bit. The idea is to keep enough coins to keep buying a few AFs and getting enough food to make some decent food for coin trades which will help ease the coin stock issue. I’m also taking DB trades when I get them.

It seems i’ll be able to save up DBs fairly easily on this game, I’ll probably save up a bit and use them to buy some card packs here and there, some cash for dino trades in the harbor and maybe to close the gap for the tournament dino pack from the prize drop if I can get it close to $1500 bucks or so.

If I’m getting 5k DBs per week or so give or take, using 3k or so for a 2018 pack and the tournament (gold? pack) from the prize drop won’t be an issue and allow me to get some tournament and VIP creatures for this account without having to do any real work other than taking some trades.

This is the basic idea for now, will see how it pans out.

Once i get some better coin production and can routinely buy 10 or so AFs per day I will be able to take some AF --> DNA trades as well and let me buy some dinos and build the park that way too.

coin production is my major issue right now, it’s pretty low.