Glyptoceras Raid Random moves not being directed at taunted creatures

Bug Description: Glyptoceras Boss Random moves bypass taunt with the descriptions not even suggesting it bypasses taunt.

Area is was found in: Glyptoceras Boss Raid

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Use any taunting move when it uses a random move.
Step 2 - Watch as it hits another Dino.

How often does it happen: Every Random move.

What type of device are you using: Android

This is the descriptions for the first set of moves as you can see the Random move does not say bypasses taunt.

As you can see, Ceramagnus’ moves say it bypasses taunt. Also says the same for Mortems random move.

That’s normal. I don’t see a bug here. Random moves do not necessarily target the creature that taunts.

What’s more, there is no random move in your screenshot for glyptoceras.


Read blind Rampage


random moves dont have to target the creature with taunt its R a n d o m for a reason

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Look at the Indom raid though, it has Random Armour Piercing Impact which doesn’t say it bypasses taunt but it’s Random Piercing Rampage says it bypasses taunt. This heavily confuses myself and a lot of my alliance, maybe they need to update the descriptions or let it be taunted.

Yeah random moved ignore taunt. I don’t think they should though. The whole point of taunt is to override the default targeting of the move to force the opponent to attack a particular creature, and there’s no reason for random to be an exception to that. The move already targets an unpredictable opponent by default (that’s already enough to count as “random”), so it doesn’t need to ignore taunt as well to be special.


I understand now but it would at least be helpful if they had “bypasses taunt” on all the random moves rather than a few here and none there.


Ludia is terribly inconsistent with that kind of stuff. For example, Cautious Cunning Rampage reduces crit chance to 0 just like any other “cunning” attack, but the move description leaves that out.

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I feel like Glyptoceras is meant to be yet another time wasting raid. We spent so many turns with great dinos, only to lose thanks to a combo of that blind rampage plus an insane crit amount. 15%? My Morty crits less than this thing!

I agree it wouldn’t be too much to ask for some consistency on the descriptions of the moves!

As to if random moves should bypass taunt or not. I have no opinion. Just relaying the way it currently works.

It would be interesting to test the move you mentioned for the indominus rex raid and see if it gets taunted or not. I must admit I can’t be bothered to do so.

Sorry but this called “Blind Rampage” not “Random Critical Rampage”…

Bruh… This boss for sure critt more often than morty, ardentis, and erlindom

Thats essentially what it is though. This is why I made a big deal about move name consistency lol